Bare Metal Restores/Hardware Independent

Bare metal restores provide Superfast restores without re-installing operating systems or system state information on ANY HARDWARE PLATFORM.

Applications, registry entries, permissions,  software updates,  patches all painlessly restored. Most backup software cannot restore data to a new server if it is different from the original hardware. This is often a serious problem as the exact same hardware may not be available for purchase. Shorter computer life cycles by manufacturers make this feature a must for many companies.

Complete server restores in hours, not days.

Onsite/Offsite Large File Restore

The Computer Storage Services onsite storage device facilitates fast large file restores locally.  Typically very large file restores cannot be done over the internet. 200 gb of data may take a month to restore depending on the speed of  internet connection  between the service provider and  the company.  Small file restores can be done locally or over the internet in seconds from any location with internet access. In case of an onsite disaster CSS will transfer and deliver your information on disk.


Duplicate files even on different computers and or servers are not backed up more than once, significantly reducing information storage costs.

Seamless Notebook Backup

Most mobile users do not backup their notebooks on a daily basis even though their information maybe critically important and not backed up to any other source. Our software can initiate seamless  backup as soon as the user connects to internet.

Individual Mail box restores

Retrieve individual emails or  restore complete mail boxes.

Sarbanes Oxley Compliant

Information on Sarbanes-Oxley as it pertains to offsite data storage.
The key components that make our service compliant are as follows:

1. All information stored offsite is AES 128 bit encrypted.
2. Information can be retrieved immediately.
3. We assign, track, and record access permissions.
4. We provide an audit trail for deletions and changes to any file.
5. We provide long term worm compliant archival storage on optical disk media.
6. We provide individual box email backup.
7. We provide daily auditable detailed reports

Central Web Management Console

You  can centrally manage multiple locations and servers.

Platform Independent

Windows, Linux, Apple, MS Exchange, SQL, Oracle, Lotus, AS 400, My SQL, Novell, Unix, VMware.

Point in Time Restores

Policy settings allow you to restore snapshots of the data set as of a particular point in time.

Daily Successful Backup Email Verification

Daily automatic successful email mail verification to one or multiple email addresses.

Our Facilities

Our data center is in a secure low profile underground bunker like facility. Your data is under 24 Hour / 7 day a week manned security, with state of the art sensor detection and camera monitoring. Our data center is kept cool by N+1 air conditioning units. Grid power is supplied by two transformer stations, virtually eliminating risk of power outage. UPS backup powered by multiple diesel/natural gas generators. A dry-pipe Sapphire Suppression System uses clean extinguishant to eliminate risks associated with water based suppression methods. The 100 per cent fibre optic network has multiple independent internet feeds ensure 99.9999 % uptime.