Over 1,000 clients depend on Computer Storage Services

"After trying many of the major online backup systems without success we looked to Computer Storage Services for help. In just 10 minutes we had successfully completed a small file backup and restore!!"
2006 Profit 100 Company
"I just had to do my first file restore from your systems. I can't tell you how pleased we were that the files we needed were back on our servers in seconds!"
Mara Matson
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"Doing my daily backup routine used to be very time consuming. Since setting up the CSS software, I have not spent more than the time it takes to glance at the report to know that my data is being properly backed up."
IT Manager
"The best thing about this service is, I don't even know it is there! I check my email in the morning and know right away if my backup was successful."
IT Manager
"After using the restore feature I can't imagine how I did without it! The daily reports are great!"
"It was unbelievable how fast and easy the setup was. What a fantastic product! The best thing is no more tapes to catalogue, and no more offsite tape storage headaches!"

GTA Logistics Company
"We can now do single file restores in minutes opposed to hours!"
"Computer Storage Services' simple and intuitive interface has saved our company countless hours of frustration and work. In addition, the peace of mind we get knowing that our data is securely backed up off-site is worth its weight in gold."