How To Reduce IT Costs and Office Infrastructure

By Ian

Can you help me reduce IT costs and provide infrastructure IT services?

We are asked this question very frequently.  The answer: “Absolutely!”

At Computer Storage Services we practice what we preach and have saved over 4000% in operational costs by doing so.

One of the biggest benefits in our business is that we now have our employees work from home.  The way we do this is that they all have notebook computers.  They can log on through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the internet to servers that are located at our backup storage facilities.

This impacts the working conditions of our employees in a very positive way.  Anywhere that they can get internet access they can call work.  On vacation, at the cottage, visiting friends etc.  It gives them a tremendous amount of flexibility, and as a bonus, no travel time or traffic jams that we’re famous for in the Toronto area.

We can do online meetings if we need to, we rent a facility for a luncheon, special occasion, or sales meeting.

This has been tremendous for our bottom line.  We used to be housed in a fairly expensive, large office and of course along with that comes the regular expenses of rent, heating, hydro, office furniture, and all kinds of miscellaneous expenses.  All of these expenses have been eliminated from our organization, we’ve reduced our it costs, leaving us with the expenses of notebook computers and telephone systems for our employees that work from home.

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