How Secure Is My Backup Data?

By Ian

One of the most important questions a company can ask of a data backup provider is “how secure is my backup data?” or “what precautions and redundancies do you employ to ensure the safety of my data information?”

At Computer Storage Services our facilities are second to none they are actually “World-Class” facilities with redundancies in every area important to information safety.

We have multiple power backups. We have multiple internet connections.  Our building is actually underground and it is not known as an internet backup facility.  We don’t want potential terrorists or people wanting to do harm to specific companies to know where the information is.

All of our customers information is kept confidential and we not only backup their information once at our facility, but we back it up again, and we can even back it up at another facility so that if there was some type of huge disaster in our geographical area  their information would still be safe.

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