How Long Does It Take to Recover My Data Backup Files?

By Ian

Many data backup companies don’t like to tell their clients that large files over 30 GB can take weeks, or even months to restore over the internet.  If you’re a business or medical corporation you very likely cannot wait for that amount of time to get your computer systems fully operational.

At Computer Storage Services, we have the ability to copy your data to a hard drive and ship your backup data to you literally anywhere in the World.  Once you receive it our technicians are available to help you restore your data.

We’re sometimes asked why a client should pay a little more to us for our premium services versus the budget data backup services found all over the internet.  You just need to ask a client who’s lost their entire computer system and had it resorted by Computer Storage Services. They’ll likely tell you how valuable our service is and how insignificant the few extra dollars to obtain our service was when disaster struck.

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