The Evolution of Cloud Back Up

By Ian
We are finding that companies that started using Computer Storage Services for offsite information backup now incorporate cloud computing as part of their business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

For example; if the companie’s onsite servers go down the employee’s can logon through a secure VPN (virtual private network) over the internet to a virtual backup server located at one of our locations.  Employees can carry on business as usual anywhere they have internet access.
Many companies have taken this strategy on step further and have eliminated onsite servers altogether and  host their servers at our location. This can reduce the need for office space, reduce hardware costs, and onsite maintenance, while giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere they have internet access. The company can still manage their IT infrastructure remotely or have Computer Storage Services manage it for them.
For many small companies having a full time qualified IT person is expensive  making CSS’s comprehensive service and support plans  a cost effective alternative. Going forward companies can continue to purchase their own servers and IT infrastructure or they can simply use Computer Storage Service infrastructure on a as per need basis.
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